Cnode error. ./ line 16: 1346 killed

Node keeps crashing after 45mins (ish) cnode error. ./ line 16: 1346 killed.

Any help would be much appreciated, it happened after I tweaked toplogy.json with It has worked once in-between though

It seems like if I restart node its touch and go whether it’ll run past 45 mins mark. if it gets over 1hr its golden thereafter?

any help would be much appreciated

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Hello Michael,

Can you please describe the commands within ./ on line 16?

Also, please review and provide any pertinent data within your logs

Thank you!

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line 16 refers to port…
–port xxxx

I’ll check the logs. Any specific logs i should check? what are the locations?

in /opt/cardano/cnode/logs i see Archive, node-0-xxxxxxx and node-0


Hi Michael,

You’ll have to look - you might check /var/log/syslog

You on mainnet or testnet? Relay or block producer?

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ah, they can be kernel related I guess. I’ll do some digging.

Mainnet - Relay

Its working again now. intermmitent regarding reboots. could running it in tmux have any bearing?

Getting the same issue on my relay after 11 mins (ish)


DId you run in TMUX session? i just wonder if tmux could force crash?

It isn’t a TMUX issue - just a hunch. Crashed regardless

I did run in TMUX. Now I removed ledger and Volatile folders, to rebuild. Has been running since 19 mins without crashing at 11 mins but hasn’t synced yet.

Make sure you guys have libsodium squared away: