Binance moving up the ADA rich list

People may be aware of the Ada Rich List which lists the Cardano addresses with the most Ada in them.

IOHK currently holds the top spot with about 8.2% of all Ada and only one transaction on that address has ever been made.

The current second spot goes to Binance which currently holds 6.5% and has made over 47000 transactions.

This is interesting because I am sure that Binance held less than 6% of all Ada a week ago. This means Binance is doing its best to accumulate Ada. For me that is a very positive signal.


Goddamn, and I thought I had a few :open_mouth:

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Not Binance personally - that’s their client wallet.


Yup, seems to mean that more people move ADA to Binance, that’s it.


According to web archive, Binance held 3.43501% in their wallet with 8602 transactions on 18th Feb 2018.
They almost doubled it in couple of months.


Try harder to get more:sunglasses:

Yes, client wallet makes more sense.

Binance recently began an ADA to USDT pairing, which is a cause for celebration.