Binance Wallet

2% Litebit fee is cheap??? I think I’ll stay with Kraken to buy ADA.

Apparently Binance withdrawal is back online .


OK I see. Don’t know much about the tech part. Thanks.
(and more thanks if you can explain how… because they use blockchain explore to check if the address have received the money while there client were not ready?)

Technical stuff:

Receiving is passive in all cryptos. You can’t really stop someone sending coins to an address. Obviously if you send to an exchange address that has suspended “deposits” that is not very smart, because they are probably rearranging their backend wallets and your deposit will be lost. But it will still arrive at the address you send it to, and you will see this on the explorer.

Sending is active, the exchange needs to collect UTxOs and sign them and transmit them to the network. They will have some automated process to do this, but if “withdraw” is suspended, that is not running. There are many reasons why they might do this, they might be rearranging wallets, “defragging” wallets, upgrading software, etc.


I see. Thank you again!