Wallet maintenance @ binance?

My Ada is stuck on the Binance exchange. They will not allow withdrawal due to wallet maintenance. How long does this usually take it has been 24 hrs as of now 12/10/2017 9:30 am Miami? Thanks


Yeah mine as well for a few days.

You should contact Binance.

There was an issue with the explorer API. It has been resolved.

Hi, very new to this… I just signed up for Binance as i want to avoid fees from coinbase and buy Ada. Wallet Maintenance happening at the moment 4.20pm EST Sth Australia. Wondering if it accepts Ada Wallet code and is there a fee? I plan to transfer Ada to wallet for storing and potential stake use…?? Also am i right to say that you can only buy Ada with bitcoin at this stage?
if anyone could set me straight would be much appreciated. thankyou in advance

Exchanges will often do upgrades and stuff. If it is major there will be a tweet about it.

I think Korea only has an exchange with fiat pair at this time.