Issue buying/withdrawing ADA

So excited for the Summit, trying to buy more ADA, but it disappeared from my favorite exchange Changelly. Also can’t withdraw my ADA off Binance.
Any help please…

Hilly Gorelick

Binance withdrawal’s have been down for over a day. Unfortunately you just have to wait


yeap binance ada transfer is down

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yeah. appreciate.

thank you!

You can withdraw now.

Hey Brad,

Still can’t withdraw on Binance. And ADA not available on, like it usually is. Maybe it became available for a moment?
Hope you enjoy the Summit!


Best of luck and have a good time there as well.

what you can do is buy ADA and then withdraw it from Binance. in a few days.

Thank you Maritza. I generally don’t like to leave crypto on exchanges, so I’ll likely take the hit if ADA goes up, and I’ll wait till it’s sorted.

Thanks so much!

I just checked again and it says I can withdraw.

kraken… Thats where I usually get mine

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Thanks Brad you rock. I will check now.

yeah. still can’t withdraw off of Binance. I guess some kind of maintenance is being done and certain exchanges don’t wanna risk working w it until resolved.Absent from Changelly too, which has been happening last few days. Not to keep this going but figured id lyk…

Does anyone know whats going on at HITBTC. You cannot move ADA to your trading account, everything is down for “tech maintenance” but it been well over a week.

Yeah. Was down and I was really bummin. Back up now, at lease on Changelly, where I exchange.

HITBTC ADA withdrawls are up?