Binance down again?

Been trying to reach for a few minutes, two different browsers, multiple reloads, no probs with any other sites, anyone else?

Try searching us.binance or kr.binance, worked for me. But it’s laggy most of the time…

It’s anyone’s guess at this moment, I have posted some theories [in this thread].
(Is Cardano going to be delisted from Hong Kong exchanges?)

I made a ADA withdrawal from binance @11:57 MST and had no problems almost an hour ago.

i have the same issue. I cant load the binance website. At this point im just waiting it out.

Using Cmd-prompt, no response from

Time: 6:30pm PDT from west coast USA.

I can get access using the “” site, but when I try to withdraw ADA it sends a confirmation email which does not work because it references “” website, which does not respond… consequently my ADA is stuck in binance for now (relatively small amount thankfully).

this worked for me as of yesterday, I found it on reddit:

  1. access “” website , then do your stuff
  2. upon getting the withdraw confirmation from binace on your email, RIGHT click on the button “confirm withdraw” to get the address and paste on new browser tab
  3. look at the address on the new browser tab. Change that to “…”

if that does not work, just remove “https://www.”

removing the prefix https://www. - worked for me and I was able to confirm withdrawal

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Got in and withdrew my STEEM this morning. :):grinning: