Bitcoin is centralized <o> We need Cardano!

Think about what happened in the last 2 days:

  1. Binance was robbed with $40M worth of BTC.

  2. CEO of Binance (top exchange) gathered Bitcoin top core devs and Bitmain’s CEO (top miner) to have a closed-door discussion on the possibility to reorg the Bitcoin chain.

Ok, they decided not to reorg, but should that be an option?
Anyone scared?

That’s why Shelley is being build. I hope Cardano will show the best descentralized model ever seen. The world needs it.

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This was a hack against a single exchange - they could have easily walked away with just as many ADAs from any hot wallets on Binance.

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My guess is an inside-job, probably an employee who was planted there for that purpose.

This is one of inherent problems with crypto. You can sit and watch the wallet forever but that’s 40 mil out of circulation. Taking 40 mil in cash requires one to be physically present and place considerable risk. That’s why it is not done as frequently. If this was your wallet or mine who would you go to for service? Oh wait, you can’t. Money lost, code is law.

That’s not a problem for me. If you’re afraid of being hacked, you can get insurance. The market finds its ways to solve the issues. By the way, if a bank has a problem, it will break and not pay anyone, perhaps taking the whole system together, as occurred in 2008.

your answers are off topic guys, Chess was talking about how CZ has clearly demonstrated how BTC is centralized by hinting at a possible roll back of the blockchain… this is scary!

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