Blacklisting for the Elliotness proposal

I propose for blacklisting :

Tx chain:

We need a procedure to validate a claim like mine. I thought to upload the screeshot of the scam site where the scam adress is visible , but propable would be deleted from a moderator.
So i guess that part procedure should be done from cardano community.
Secondly after the address is validated as dirty its easy from software point of view to validate dirty chains.

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Im sorry but I think a lot of people would leave cardano if it was possible for the community to withdraw their funds based on a screenshot.

Perhaps there is a better way to incorporate security, like a ”Doro phone” concept wallet for cardano transactions (instead of daedalus and yoroi) that warns you multiple times in every step. Might annoy most users but could be beneficial for newcomers. Something that you would be comfortable to let your grandparents use :smile:

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Arent you shocked seeing two at least dirty addresses with 340.000.000 ADA ?

I’m just speaking for me of course, but I think it would be hard to prove that an address is run by scammers and not by a company or someone that actually provides a service for the money they get. In that case we would need to stop people from creating addresses themselves and instead having to provide a company with an ID to get an account. And let that company judge if you own your transactions or not. And then we are basically back to regular banks.
Still I understand you, I also hate to see the amounts lost to scammers.

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Well i hope you understand that the lack of trust can cut in both ways. You dont believe me giving evidence based on the ADA blockchain that something very bad is happening in a massive scale. Why should i lay trust in a tech that in the name of 100% Sovereignty hasnt done nothing to protect new members except mock and patronizing them that they cant babysit them.
And let me remind to the lesson givers. There is not neutral tech. Tech is run by people. So traits of the people supporting a tech colors also the tech. So here i see alarming levels of indifference. Hasnt anyone else spotted the scam scale ? I am doing ada babysteps here!. When exactly are you planning to raise a red flag? In one billion ? Have you thought what good that would make if used in a prpductive way. No as i see it your are sitting on a ticking bomb.

Is there some Scam Address Dictionary available for Cardano already?.
Something like this I mean: Bitcoin Address Lookup, Checker and Scam Reports - BitcoinWhosWho

I think this could be a source for warning users if he/she tries to send some ADA to a reported address.
But propably I’m not the first guy with that idea :wink: Anyone knows about such a service?
Are there already ideas to integrate such services into the existing wallets?

For me this is similar to E-Mail Spam protection services. There you also get a warning if you get a mail from a reported spammer address.

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The least that could be done yesterday…
But as i said in my initial post the cardano project should raise a red flag to the primary newbie doors. Cardano site, wallets and public figures videos and social media. A simple warning in orange. Be aware of scams giveaways.

I will reply for the last time as you are requesting.

Victimhood doesn’t cut it with me.

And you know with what victimhood doesn’t cut it too? Life.

I’m a self-taught man, which means I don’t go around blaming the circumstances, let alone others, of what or doesn’t happens.

I told you to make a catalyst proposal, you chose to open non-sense topics, instead of turn the forum in a crying place you should ask help to make the COMMUNITY proposal.


Well dont waste time even looking to the cardano blockchain evidence that i offered of the massive scale of the scam . But your are waste your time to do what?

There is clearly an ethical decision to be made here.

  1. ACT - Raise the flag and probably the ADA price will fell .
  2. ACT - Try to keep the music play be kicking the ones not syncing and blame them.

You waste time to support the letter. So price will not fall but new ada users will be keep being butchered.
Butchered by elaborate youtube hijacking , (let me remind when you watch youtube you are in a mood to learn , have fun), by displaying videos of public Cardano persons embedded in frames to link to the scam sites.I could add more but its not the time. Lets wait for the scamers to level it up to deeper fake so that more victimhood keep our lessons givers entertained.

Well i have asked to be deleted from that forum. Please do that.

I’ve heard enough insults and lessons .
My gratitude to those few voices that listened to me.