Proposal for a bounty system and blacklisting scam wallet

I propose a bounty system funded through the treasury to bring such criminals to justice or incentivize tracking and black listing wallets that are known to be scammers

I’ll highlight the basic targets of the Elliotness version:

  1. A blacklisted wallet would freeze or its users warned on transcations according to its severity tier


  1. A bounty pool will be created with funds that incentivize tracking

Dirty address validation process:
Input would be two addresses: victims address, scamsite text adress or QR code scam site address. (text and QR are not the same)
Output: the adress would be added to blacklist.

As another post found i also found an address where my stolen ADA is sinked that have 140million ADA.


For reasons that i dont know i cant find anything related to my tx history in so i paste the big fat scam address in

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keep that link guys. The scams they were accumulating there and now they start to break it.

It is a byron address

byron? what does that mean?

Byron era. The era before shelley

So that mean she/he is an old user?

What about that adress Ae2tdPwUPEZG4NfvkEuxNPWuZike7YrzBPmQx5y7oRZCLkuHvDMm4LrfXHD

Money from Ae2tdP…JBjVu3yP7W moved there. Another adress with 200.000.000! Has the community realized the magnitude of what is happening?

Doesn’t mean anything… just he/she using a byron wallet…

Thanks for feedback. Let me ask how they didnt put those stolen ada in a stake pool?

Also if you have two dirty adresses with a sum of 360.000.000 ADA isnt that a good excuse for a community to take actions?

Can’t be delegated… it’s a byron address

Regarding the 2nd question… 🤷

please stay with me

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can you explain this:transaction-details

that is sending to the scam adress.

but now if i try the txid i get:

Maybe its an error , i can see my tx here:

I am sorry for ur ADA lost; once u pressed the send button… u can’t get them back :frowning:

Ok. I understand that. But do you agree that an adress is dirty if stolen scam money go there?

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Why cant access my txid
anymore. it says :
Sorry, we could not find any results matching.
But finds it.

Perhaps it is an error; cardano scan is also a valid tool for check

Also cant find the scam adress anymore.

Strange cant find many addresses from my tx forward.