Proposal for a bounty system and blacklisting scam wallet



Is that chain valid? could please someone validate?

I don’t think the fork idea will get much traction but perhaps you could propose a bounty system funded through the treasury to bring such criminals to justice or incentivize tracking and black listing wallets that are known to be scammers.


As enticing and justified it may seem to go all rogue and vigilnte on matters like this, its much more important to prevent these things from happening. these are almost unifyably instances of people funds to untrusted adresses to obtain an advantage, or bonus, or free ada etc.

If its seems to good to be true, it usually is (except staking rewards, they are true)

So maybe funding something that incentivisen organisations or people with large networks to promote the safe handling of cryptofunds and teach people about the online safety (or inherent lack thereof)

my 2 lovelace

Bas @ Stayk

The problem with any kind of address blocking is that someone would have to make decision which address to block. Who would be deciding on that? Anytime you give someone power to block someone that can be leveraged in a bad way

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Perhaps mark the address and create a warning when u try to send ada to that address?

Obviously, be very careful when transferring Ada to any address, and do not use any “mobile” version of Daedalus (there is no such product at the moment for IOS/Android). There are many scammers around, who are taking advantage of honest users

We are very open to any ways to make life harder for scammers. These might indeed be funded through CataLyst as a service to the community, or passed on the IOG team

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I agree, also users need to be educated rather than trying to chase their losses.
I have kept my Ada in the desktop Daedalus Wallet since 2017 and tranferred to Shelly Upgrade from Byron and all my ADA are safe. I only use IOHK official wallet’s no third party whatsoever.
My cryptos are my sole responsibility and I will not be handing over my crypto assets to anyone.
If you are going to send your funds to someone or even another of your own wallet, never send more than a few dollars worth just to check at first, then if you are satisfied with where you sent then, then you can add more. Never send all your funds in one hit. Thats my 2 cents, not critisising anyone for their mistake just letting user aware of how not to fall victim to those heartless, evil scammers lurking in the shadows, waiting to ambush innocent victims.