Block chance Calculation

The chance to be the leader of a slot is
Active Stake / Total Staked ADA

I’d like to find out where to get a correct info about total staked ADA.

I think that AdaPools also inclue stake which is delegated to retired pools. But actually those do not have a chance to win a slot so would need to be removed from this number. Is this a correct assumption?

There is also stake in oversaturated pools. But those still get the same chance for a slot. So i think i should not remove this.

After all where do i get a valid number of Total Active stake which participates in the slot lottery?

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If I remember well, for oversaturated pools there is a penalty in rewards but not in the slot selection.


This i also read somewhere in the forum. How about the slot assignment to retired pools? I beliefe this dead active stake is not participating in the lottery. Can someone confirm this?

@QCPOLstakepool gave me the hint that the (for me relevant) total active stake is found in the Leaderlogs calculation. Thanks for this Input. I have no further questions by that :slight_smile: