Slot Leader Election (2% Threshold)

The online docs state in relation to being selected as a slot leader:

not all stakeholders (stakepools/nodes) participate in this election, but only ones who have enough stake (for example, 2% of the total stake)

So would that be 2% of all cardano staked throughout he entire system or is it restricted within the context of a node/stakepool, ie owner has at least 2% of tokens staked within pool/node

If it was the entire system, assuming we had 50% of circulating supply staked then in order for a node/staking pool to be in the running as a slot leader they would need a minimum of ~260m ADA? is this accurate?

Three more days till the 29th, hopefully a lot of questions will be cleared up

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This is an old document and likely to describe the rules in place for federated ouroboros (pre-decentralization).

Every ADA held in non-enterprise wallet participates in the decentralized consensus. There are no thresholds. No minimums.


this makes complete sense, we still are in a federated state, the answer is so obvious yet it didn’t occur to me.

i’ll look forward to the day that these online docs are archived for historical purposes

i attempted to figure out the answer by looking at the white papers only for my eyes to glaze over at a sea of hieroglyphics - that is not for me :slight_smile:

The Calculator awards a constant of 200k p.a. for a “Pledge amount” in the range of [0-900k]. This would be: 200 / 73 => 2.74k per Epoch. A constant reward for a pool does not seem right, does it?

In I see an estimate of 0.18 Blocks/Epoch for 255k Active Stake, which differs substantially from above.

When I (naively) divide the Total Live Stake by the number of slots / epoch, I get: 21.43B / 432.000 => 50k / Block. Which would (naively) mean, that a pool can expect to get elected to lead 1 Block per every 50k active stake. i.e. 6 Blocks for 300k, which again is vastly different to either of the above.

Is 0.18 from ADApools the correct figure and where can I find out more about how leader election actually works?