Masternode: How much ADA needed?

Can someone provide the amount of ADA that will be needed to run a masternode?

I’m not referring to staking, but running a masternode. I’m new to masternodes and I’m curious about what ADA may require.

Cardano doesnt have Masternodes. Instead we will have staking pools…


Many of the details are still being worked out. I see lots of progress being made but nothing we can release yet. Currently they are discussing privacy concerns and deciding on solutions.


Any update on the availability of staking pools? Thank you for your time:)

minimum ADA requirement to run stake pool?

@jason80 Hi, as far as we understand the minimum requirement is 1 Lovelace (smallest unit of ADA -
essentially no minimum). Of course with such a low amount, it would be very unlikely to be selected as slot leader. Therefore with a small stake it is best to join a larger stake pool. IOHK should release further details soon!


@NinjaPool_io Thank for the info. how the slot leader selected?

@jason80 Hi, Slot leader selection is an integral part of Cardano’s Ouroboros proof of stake protocol and is fully explained here:


@NinjaPool_io Thanks Again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link!!!