Block missed or leaderlog issue praos tpraos?

I’m trying to understand if i have an issue with cncli leaderlog or if i have missed block on my producer.
Thank you for your help.

Here’s the result of cncli leaderlog :

cncli leaderlog --pool-id 57147265c639309d365ef7c419698cbc9c1d3337d58c1c6a373a4130 --shelley-genesis /opt/cardano/config/mainnet-shelley-genesis.json --consensus tpraos --byron-genesis /opt/cardano/config/mainnet-byron-genesis.json --pool-vrf-skey /opt/cardano/config/hot-keys/vrf.skey --db /var/cardano/cncli/cncli.db --pool-stake $POOL_STAKE --active-stake $ACTIVE_STAKE --tz Europe/Brussels --ledger-set

  "status": "ok",
  "epoch": 366,
  "epochNonce": "78fbbeb5249c7c4d2f2b06a082793656455cc1ca32f86623f572e22c1ea82207",
  "consensus": "tpraos",
  "epochSlots": 1,
  "epochSlotsIdeal": 0.54,
  "maxPerformance": 185.19,
  "poolId": "57147265c639309d365ef7c419698cbc9c1d3337d58c1c6a373a4130",
  "sigma": 0.000025108400313895972,
  "activeStake": 629367053628,
  "totalActiveStake": 25065995673156590,
  "d": 0.0,
  "f": 0.05,
  "assignedSlots": [
      "no": 1,
      "slot": 72973409,
      "slotInEpoch": 224609,
      "at": "2022-09-30T14:08:20+02:00"

The logs I found on the BP with the slot 72973409 are :

[producer:cardano.node.LeadershipCheck:Info:179] [2022-09-30 12:08:20.00 UTC] {"chainDensity":4.832897e-2,"credentials":"Cardano","delegMapSize":1220548,"kind":"TraceStartLeadershipCheck","slot":72973409,"utxoSize":8576349}
[producer:cardano.node.Forge:Info:179] [2022-09-30 12:08:20.04 UTC] fromList [("credentials",String "Cardano"),("val",Object (fromList [("kind",String "TraceNodeNotLeader"),("slot",Number 7.2973409e7)]))]


You should not use --consensus tpraos after the Vasil fork. Remove it from your CNCLI command and rerun.

Hey, I’m running the this as well but I’m getting an error. I’ve updated the script and I’m running cncli 5.1.2. Anyone know the fix for this?

r3@r3:/opt/cardano/cnode/scripts$ cncli leaderlog \
--pool-id 3ed1b022f921fa2d37894e3592ac2271a00e25ef706df7c86743006e \
--pool-vrf-skey /opt/cardano/cnode/priv/pool/ARRK/vrf.skey \
--shelley-genesis /opt/cardano/cnode/files/shelley-genesis.json \
--byron-genesis /opt/cardano/cnode/files/byron-genesis.json \
--pool-stake $POOL_STAKE \
--active-stake $ACTIVE_STAKE \
--ledger-set current
error: The argument '--pool-stake <pool-stake>' requires a value but none was supplied


cncli leaderlog --active-stake --byron-genesis --consensus --d --db --ledger-set --pool-id --pool-stake --pool-vrf-skey --shelley-genesis --shelley-transition-epoch --tz

For more information try --help

Seems like your variable $POOL_STAKE is not set. While you are at it, check $ACTIVE_STAKE also.

I do not know where to set it.

Does help?

It’s just an example. You would have to adapt it to your case.

This is where I got the commands. I did adapt them. I check the comments in the env and in I did not see where to set the active stake or pool stake.

In the section “Leaderlog Command”, it tells you which values from the output of cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --mainnet --stake-pool-id <your pool ID> you need to take for previous, current and next epoch.

The example code below that then sets (among others) POOL_STAKE and ACTIVE_STAKE to the ones for the next epoch (which currently isn’t possible, since we are more than 1.5 days away from the next epoch).

But you can also copy and paste the values directly from the output of cardano-cli query stake-snapshot without using variables.