Block Producer, no incoming connection after upgrading to v1.35.6

Seems to be an issue with the relay toplology.json file, it get’s overwritten and my manual entry to the block producing node gets removed. How do I re-establish the connection to the BP Node.

On relay, u must add the BP on topology updater script to custom peers and restart the node

thanks @Alexd1985 , I was trying to update cncli to the latest version using and it had overwritten the topology script. All working now.

How do you normally update CNCLI, I am on v5.1

If I remeber well is ./ -s c

-n    Connect to specified network instead of mainnet network (Default: connect to cardano mainnet network) eg: -n guild
		-p    Parent folder path underneath which the top-level folder will be created (Default: /opt/cardano)
		-t    Alternate name for top level folder - only alpha-numeric chars allowed (Default: cnode)
		-b    Use alternate branch of scripts to download - only recommended for testing/development (Default: master)
		-u    Skip update check for script itself
		-s    Selective Install, only deploy specific components as below:
		  p   Install common pre-requisite OS-level Dependencies for most tools on this repo (Default: skip)
		  b   Install OS level dependencies for tools required while building cardano-node/cardano-db-sync components (Default: skip)
		  l   Build and Install libsodium fork from IO repositories (Default: skip)
		  f   Force overwrite entire content of scripts and config files (backups of existing ones will be created) (Default: skip)
		  d   Download latest (released) binaries for bech32, cardano-address, cardano-node, cardano-cli, cardano-db-sync and cardano-submit-api (Default: skip)
		  c   Install/Upgrade CNCLI binary (Default: skip)
		  o   Install/Upgrade Ogmios Server binary (Default: skip)
		  w   Install/Upgrade Cardano Hardware CLI (Default: skip)
		  x   Install/Upgrade Cardano Signer binary (Default: skip)

Perfect, worked a treat! Thanks Alex.