Cadano BP and Node,

Hey guys,

i have a question, since the upgrade from 1.35.0 to 1.35.3 then to .5

i have been making blocks according to gLiveView.

but none of these blocks are show on any of the explorers, am i missing something?

if we go back a little while ago, everything was running smoothly?
Have i missed a crucial step or something? Little confusing.

did u also updated cncli? It looks like false outputs

I will check the version when i get back. What version should it be ? If you know that of the top of your head.

So i checked the CNCLI script, and all ENV are commented out, but checking backups it was always like this.

it seems to get Variables from .env file prior to start up? am i missing something here?

Yes but check the cncli version
The latest version released is v5.3.1


Is your KES key node counter valid?

i just ran guild deploy script again and it had to install CNCLI again, so we are now the latest.

I have reset it and lets see how it goes.

yes this is valid

ok, now check the leaderlog again… use force option

this seems to have changed a little since i did the update.

ignore the 3 incoming, it is a Relay being rebuilt from scratch hence not even connections.

i have 1 relay up at the moment as you can see in the screenshot.

Ok, now should be fine … the old cncli version provided wrong informations about blocks

Thanks, lets see what happens