No blocks since 1.34.1 update

Hi since the last update I get no blocks scheduled. I have also already rotated since the update 3 times the KES .
Anybody a idea what the problem could be. I have currently a LIVE stake of over 850k . So normally we are getting each second epoch a block. But since 5 blocks we are getting no block scheduled

did u ran cncli leaderlog to check for blocks assigned? This way you will know if u had blocks assigned and u missed due to BP issue
What is the ticker?


Hi Alex, yes i have run the the cncli leaderlog script. But always it shows no blocks assigned . I have also used the new integrated leaderlog which we have since 1.34.

I have lost until now no blocks. Ticket :Sudti

It’s just about bad luck… if cncli shows u 0 blocks assigned
patience is the key