Expected block with no outcome?

Hi there -

Hope someone can help. My pool was anticipating minting our first block 3 hours ago according to the leaderlogs but it doesn’t look like it happened. However, the screenshot here does not show any issue? Anyone have any ideas? Am I mis-understanding how the leaderlogs work?



Can u show all output from glive/simple live?


Yes, here you go. It’s now displaying the next expected block information but nothing from the previous :frowning:


Another missed block… :frowning: Anyone have any ideas? I rotated my keys a few times today just to see if that would do anything but it did not. What else could be wrong?

I believe that your block information is coming from CNCLI, right? Are you sure that CNCLI is up to date? I am just making a guess because I don’t know the answer for sure. I am pretty sure that the latest version is 1.4.0.

Thank you for the idea, Manits. Yes, I am using CNCLI and it is using the newest version which queries the ledger via API.

Sometimes you can call it badluck!