Block-Producer shown as "Relay-Mainnet" in gLiveView


Ok, now go to keys folder and show me

ls -l


i saw the printscreen was cutted at the cert line but it is --shelley-operational-certificate ~/cnode/keys/myPool.node-000.opcert

Can u try to change the rights for all 3 keys files?

chmod 400 name_file

Then restart ur node

bash history


still showing relay-mainnet

Then, perhaps ur key or certifacate is not ok?

waoo :neutral_face:, so how i would verify that?

Im using SPOS, so let me try.

I have the same issue: one relay node + one block producer node setup.
I followed the [Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew](coincashew guide) till step #9 and the BP node is showing now as relay node in gLiveView.


The relay node is still syncing (epoch 235).

Should I wait to finish the sync?

@acme2005 I believe it should flip over to core - mainnet upon producing the BP keys and restarting the node. Let us know if that doesn’t happen by the time you get through step 14. Nothing will be compromised if you keep going with that saying Relay. It is good practice to wait for the sync.

Completed step 9 with full sync and now looks ok imo

Ok: make sure that at the end of the guide u will have tx processed


Hi All,

I followed the same 247 pool guide and I am stucked with the same problem my bp in gliveview is shown as a relay i generated the keys on my offline machine using spos script then i loaded it in the bp (after bp was fully synch)modified the adding the keys info, then i restarted the bp.

Any advice?

here the configs

thank you very much in advance.

here my keys folder

thank you very much for you help!

Another info, when from the offline machine i generate the keys, should this machine have the blockchain db fully synchronized before to generate the bp keys with spos?

Thank you very much.

Hi, it is missing the \

mainnet-topology.json \

Hi Kappu thank you very much, It was my fault i generated the bp keys before the “cold machine” was fully synched on the bc.

I have read through this forum and many others but I am still stuck on my BP running as a relay. This is not my first stake pool and thought i worked through all the issues and even have another BP to compare files to but nothing seems to work. Would you help me. I used coincashew configurations and installs. I have regenerated the kes keys, just in case, re ran a sucessful transaction but stilll can’t get it. Any help would be appreciated.

Show me the script used to start the node