Block-Producer shown as "Relay-Mainnet" in gLiveView

I can’t see if the last line includes also the pool files … should be

cardano-node run --topology ${TOPOLOGY} --database-path ${DB_PATH} --socket-path ${SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr ${HOSTADDR} --port ${PORT} --config ${CONFIG} --shelley-kes-key ${KES} --shelley-vrf-key ${VRF} --shelley-operational-certificate ${CERT}

cardano-node run --topology ${TOPOLOGY} --database-path ${DB_PATH} --socket-path ${SOCKET_PATH} --host-addr ${HOSTADDR} --port ${PORT} --config ${CONFIG}

Not ok, modify/update the line and restart the node

I need to figure out what part of the coincashew install adds this so I can figure out what went wrong. Thank you so much!

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update the script after u created the kes files. Is there inside the guide… perhaps copy-paste mistake

How long should it take for Processed TX and Mempool TX/Bytes to start changing? or do I have another issue?

The relay should have more IN peers , other than Producer; for this u will need to use topologyUpdater script

Hey Alex, I ran into this issue today and noticed that in the conditional is looking for POOL_DIR instead of POOL_FOLDER. I had to rename that var before it started working. I’m wondering if I missed a step or if I should file an issue?

only pool name should be edited but if u fixed by modifying the pool folder should be fine

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