Block sync slows at epoch 22

I have a strange problem.
I have restarted my node maybe 10 times (shelley testnet)
Every time it starts off really fast until it gets to around epoch 22
then it goes Reeeeeeeally slow
what can be causing this?
My memory is 4gb with a swap of 4gb also
nothing is getting maxed out.

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We are at epoch 22, so your node is synchronized and you just cannot go faster than real-time…

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but why does pooltool say "Epoch: 203 "
is there a higher epoch on the ITN?
I am using the Shelly testnet. doesn’t it have the same blockheight as the ITN?
thank you so much for your help.

Shelley testnet is here on pooltool:

aha! ok thank you!
The other problem i was having was that my node shows for Mempool Bytes “0” and mempool TXs 0.
even when it is fully synced.
do you happen to know why that would be?

One giant leap for quanta, well chronon at least :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: