Running the node concerns

I have been running the node and when i get to epoch 74, syncing becomes very slow and after 3 hours I have only reached epoch 76. Is this a normal experience or have I done something wrong? Maybe Internet connection is not up to par? Thanks.

Hi Nate,

I’m not certain which epoch the the Shelley hard fork occurs on the testnet, but this could explain what you are seeing

Also, whenever node syncing would significantly slow, I more than often found success with speeding things up by simply restarting the node

I’m not exactly sure. I’m in Epoch 77 now and progressing slowly. Also in the video tutorials, the CPU usage drops dramatically in a short amount of time where as my CPU usage has been maxed out for hours now. I’m not sure exactly what Epoch the hard fork occurs but I will try find out and see if that is causing it to slowly sync. Thanks.

Is there an explorer for testnet?

You very well might be synced and on tip!

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I can only find explorers for the ITN unfortunately but I am able to see my address balance now so I believe I could be synced as my CPU usage has also settled down to 1-2% as well. Thanks heaps for your help ADAfrog. Talk soon.

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Yep sounds like it, Nate.

My pleasure and keep it up!

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