Nodes not syncing syncronically

So I’m setting up a new stake pool. I startet the nodes and let them sync. The BP Node and relay2 nodes are syncing the same and are at 47%. The relay1 Node is at 12% and the slots/blocks and epoch is different. Will it be okey when all syncing finishes or did I do anything wrong that I should consider?

The slots/blocks is just reflecting your current sync status. When all are synced it will be the same.
Alternatively you could have just let one sync completely and then clone the machine to already have a fully synced node.

If you started all of them at the same time and one of your nodes is not syncing as fast, there are two possible issue:

  1. Relay1 doesn’t have the same hardware specs as your BP and Relay2.
  2. There is something wrong with Relay1, and you should contact your hosting provider.

I know that because it happened to me. I bought 3 nodes, and they were all identical, but one of the relays was performing slow. It finished syncing 5 hours after the rest.

So I contacted my hosting provider, and they managed it fix it from their end. Now everything is perfect and all my nodes share the same speed.

I hope that was helpful.

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Thanks, that is very helpful. I think it’s number 2. It’s still syncing while the other 2 nodes already finished. Just contacted my hosting provider. Let’s see if they can help-

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You can also try taking a snapshot of your fully synced Relay and using that to build the additional relay’s. It will reduce a lot of additional time to sync your setup.