Is my BP working correctly?

Hi, I’ve been running my pool for a few epochs and I’m still getting the hang of it, I’m just nervous that if/when I get lucky enough to lead a block everything is fine for it.
I updated to 1.26.2, and check regularly my nodes, both relays and bp. Today on the bp while running CNode Tools I saw this
It’s the first time I saw this in red, and it freaked me out, since the BP should not have ANY sync issues as far as I understand right?
on glview later I found this:

I don’t understand why it is unreacheable if it’s allowed in the firewall?

In any case, are this two things (the node sync in red and the unreachable relay) related? Or am I facing 2 separate issues here?


BP can sync from 1 remote peer (the relay) so it is a 2 separate issue…
what is the main screen showing about your BP?


it is in sync - so where did you see that printout → Node Sync: 119:(

a few minutes before making the post.
then it changed to 1 (Green) and almost always is green, then just now while taking the snapshot it turned yellow at 41 diff

Ahh so the Tip (diff) was 119 - that means the source the syncing is not reliable… which is the relay…
How many connections you have on the relay?

this is the Relay


that looks fine.

a few unreachable here as well

even this looks fine. Theoretically if every pool create and spread their block fine, the number should reset to 0 every 20-sh seconds. Reality is same as what you see on your node.

So the diff gets bigger and bigger until it resets… for some reason today I’m seeing a spike, but it’s normal?
So what about the Unreachable part in the IN Peers? is the amount/quality of peers correct?

I noticed If you set-up your node so it drops ping packets, in gliveView it shows as unreachable IN connection. So I see my BP unreacheable on all relays still it synchronises fine.


That just might be that then