BP running as Relay after upgrade to 1.26.2 :(

Hi everyone.

I’ve just followed instructions to update my BP to 1.26.2. The final step was to stop the service, back up the existing binaries, copy the updated ones in and start the service.

Quite frustratingly the BP is starting as a relay despite the script ./startBlockProducingNode.sh having everything it needs (it hasn’t changed since I first set it up).

I am going to leave the node for a while as gLive still says ‘starting…’ so my question is this:

Does gLiveView show a node as a relay until the status changes from ‘Starting’ ?

I have gone over the steps again to make sure that I didn’t miss anything and it all checks out so I am just a bit confused as to why my BP is showing it is relay.

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Let the node to sync… when it will be synced u will see corenode

Thank you for your comment Alex - it sure has moved to CORE now - phew!!!

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