Relay port is connecting to BP with a different PORT

Hi guys I noticed this morning that in the gLiveView in PEERS my relay node is connecting to the BP with port 36549 instead of 3001.
In BP Topology I have port 3001

I think this could be the problem why we missed 2 last blocks.

I have checked the RELAY file and its 3001
relay node_sh

I have checked the topologyUpdater env FILE and the PORT or relay here is 3001

Is this normal or where can I set the relay node PORT to conenct over 3001 port? is set to 3001

Hi There!

you can configure only the listening port of the nodes… when a node connects to another node’s listening port it will use a random port as local port… so you are fine…


Because a connection needs a source and a destination port


Thank you @laplasz and @Alexd1985 I thought I found my problem with the 2 missed blocks. OK back to looking :frowning:

install chrony for better time synchronization

I think as long you have IN and OUT peers on nodes and TXx processed, should be fine…
Maybe leaderlog returned to you 2 fake blocks informations

can u provide the relay glive output ?

yeah - but at least you will have logs… if it is happening again… I also had a missed block recently - somehow the node did not get the latest block in time - but without logs I could not get this info…

Thank you for the video link with chrony … we were 1s out of sync :ok_hand:

This is relay gLiveView and BP gLiveView

@laplasz yeah I should do the logging to the file from the get-go. But I was lazy now I have to eat it up. What did you do to prevent it from happening? I think chrony that Alex suggested should solve it.

1 sec? Wow … then probably that’s why u missed the blocks

Glive looks ok

sorry - I can not see the 1 sec delay… where it is?

You have to have chrony installed. Video that Alex posted.
Then I saw it before I made changes in the chrony file after I entered command:
systemctl status chrony

But the guy in the video is using a monitoring tool that I will install as well in few days and its possible to see it there as well.