"Peers In" on gLiveView, Peer Analysis shows invalid ports

I just wanted to ask about peers displayed on Relay and BP nodes.

I have recently updated to 1.30.1 both Relay and BP machines. Nodes are still synching (BP much slower than Relay). I am using gLiveView v1.22.4.

On Relay, I see 12 out and 0 in, on BP I see 1 out and 0 in. When viewing the list of peers on Relay I see that it first indicates my BP on the correct port. When viewing the list of peers on BP I see that it indicates my Relay IP on correct port. However, both of them show “Peers In: 0”. Shouldn’t both nodes display at least 1 incoming peer?

I also notice that sometimes the port of the BP or Relay is changing in peer analysis. For example, it would show correct x.x.x.x:3000, and then would change to the same IP but a different port such as 32981. Sometimes it would show two entries - same IP and different ports. Why would this happen? These ports are not mentioned anywhere in my topology files.

Thanks in advance for your insights!

that’s because the nodes are not 100%synced. let the nodes to sync first to connect eachother

Thanks Alex!
What do you think about different ports showing up between Relay and BP? Why would we have some random port number show up if they are not configured in topology files?

One communcation need 2 coonections IN & OUT

For OUT connection the node will use as source port a locally random port and as destination port the port declared inside topology file

I see this message each time I try to stake my ADA on Yoroi "out range integral conversion attempted "

What could be the problem?

Again I can’t send my ADA out

Restore the wallet on adalite.io and send the money out from there