How to troubleshoot unreachable relays

Hello, I have a block producer and two relay nodes running. For some reason, my two relay nodes appear as not reachable in gLiveView. What could the problem be?


Check whether relays are reachable with ping (If ICMP enabled). And try “nc -vw3 (relay IP) (port)” from block producer and share the output.

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Try from BP:

telnet relay_ip 6000 to check if the port is open… last evening it was closed when I checked from internet
But go to relays, the services are running? The nodes are synced?


Ping looks fine

The output for the other command also looks fine.

OK, how are your relays, are running? have connections? can you check them?

They seem to be running fine. Any specific command I should run on them to check?

yes, try to run ./ on relays to check the status (be careful to not publish sensitive data such as IP, username, etc on a public platform
delete the topic from twitter also.

Sorrry I was away from home. COuldn’t reply to the thread. Whats the situation?

I asked u to check the relays. the services are up and running?

Me? I was responding to @Diego_Saa

sorry :))
correction : I asked him…to check the relays. to check if the services are up and running but no answer

Hello, sorry, I’m on holidays too, so everything I do, I do from my cellphone, which is not very optimal. In any case, both of my relays are running and synced. I checked gLiveView on my BP and noticed I had forged another 2 blocks, but as my “out” relays appear as unreachable, the blocks weren’t included in the blockchain :pensive:. Both nodes however appear fine as “In” relays.

do you find something like that on BP ?

Screenshot 2021-01-08 at 3.45.29 PM

please check you “nano topology.json” on relays.
do you find your BP ?
is all proper ports open?

did you restart your BP? sometimes it helps
before check your topology file from your BP (check if ports of relays were been written correct)


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Yes, similar:

Yes, my BP is in the topology files of both relays, and port 6000 is open on the three nodes.

Yes, I restarted the three nodes.

is the firewalls (ufw) enable and ports allowed?

Hello, sorry, I’ve neglected my stakepool for more than a month. As ADA’s price is skyrocketing, I’m more and more pressed by this, because I’m actually loosing money by creating blocks that don’t get propagated, so I want to figure this out once and for all. In any case, yes, firewall is open in the relevant port. Not sure what else to try.