Running new Relay and Block Producer without registration

After several iterations, I have my infrastructure setup “correctly” for a simple BP behind a single Relay.

I’d like to run these nodes, finalize sever hardening, and familiarise myself with the CLI and Node commands prior to creating keys and registration.

Is there any issue with this? Ie. running the nodes without registration. I am assuming they be online syncing 100% of the time, so my guess is it’s fine, but want to be sure.

Also, since my BP is setup only to communicate with the relay I guess I need to wait for the relay to fully sync, and only then start the BP which will sync only with my relay? Is my logic correct here?

Thank you for your help!

Yes your thinking is correct. I had my relay and BP running/syncing for a while before creating keys and registering anything.

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Let your relay sync 100% - takes hours. Then, to speed things up, copy the db folder to your BP and start it. It’ll pick up and sync within few minutes.

Oh, great tip! Thank you.