BLOCKADEMIA, a new Proof-of-Truth

Hello everybody! I work on the project BLOCKADEMIA, a new Proof-of-Truth - Document issuance and verification system powered by a state-of-the-art Cardano blockchain system!

This token is about to take off, but that’s not financial advice, DYOR

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Current Situation:

  • Private sale runs and will last till November 14th. To participate send an email to “hidden by me” - Don’t want to share email, until Admin approves this post.

  • Early sale T1, Early Sale T2, and Community sale will start on 15th November and will last till December 6th. Read the Whitepaper, page 10.

Our CEO was hosted on Croatian National Television to talk about Blockademia. Check it out. :blush:

If you have any questions regarding this project, please join us at our HQ on Telegram group, thank you! Cheers :beers:

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The question is will this be a store of authenticity tokens or the actual documents?

I ask because the former would more or less replace notaries, seals, and other proofs which is a great idea. The latter would pose serious identity theft concerns as well as a need for compliance with various international privacy laws that vary from country to country.

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There will be a store of authentication tokens and the actual documents depends on the business model.

Cool, that’s what I thought. Interesting use case!

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