Encrypting diploma data in the first official use case of Cardano blockchain

Hi all. I’m excited to see the first official use case of Cardano blockchain for enabling block-chain based student diploma verification. It is indeed very interesting how the diploma data encryption and access management is handled in the distributed environment? Can anybody provide more insights on this or refer to someone from the project team? Thanks

I’d like to see some more info on this as well. Is there a GitHub repository?

Hi @manonthemat. The code is not open-sourced yet, but we can provide it upon request. If you want to test the product, go ahead to https://besafe.io and download the app. It is FREE!!

I’m confused. This does not look like anything we’ve been talking about. It also looked like you were interested in the diploma verification, yet in your reply you use “we” implying that you’re part of the team now. I looked at the website, but I don’t see the connection. I’m asking politely for clarification on what your involvement with the Proof of University Diplomas in Greece using Cardano is.

My bad. I am sorry for the confusion. I thought that I have replied to another post regarding our BeSafe project. Indeed, I’d love to learn more about the diploma verification project too :slight_smile:

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Got it. Thanks for clearing that up.