Hello from Pennsylvania, USA


I first heard about the Cardano project in December and finally bought some ada about a week ago. I’m a fourth-year undergraduate student at Lehigh University. This spring, I’ll be doing an independent study comparing blockchain consensus algorithms and I hope to include Cardano in my research!


Good luck with your study/research. You’ve chosen a very interesting field to cove.r


Welcome @14rcole Ryan :slight_smile:


Hey Good to know there are some smart guys from Lehigh U following Cardano. I find these projects amazing. I live near Stroudsberg! So not far. Well while I am at it I thought I would ask. I bought my ADA on Bittrex and other exchanges, have downloaded the wallet but the certificates are not showing up. I just transfered a fair amount of ADA to my Wallet, hasnt showed up. Watched a tutorial on Cardano and YouTube. Just dont see where the redemption certificates show up. Any ideas? Thanks William