Blockchain size

If bitcoin actually became mainstream there would be billions of daily transactions. The blockchain would ultimately get too large for ordinary people to host. Only large corporations or governments could handle it. What’s the point of having it then? Might as well just use banks, Visa, etc. like we are already doing. They might be screwing us on fees but so would the giant bitcoin companies.
in order to counter this there must be solution for this problem. one purpose is to add an new database along the blockchain for the protocol to run(every x blocks) all over the blocks on the blockchain and copy the last relevent transaction of each wallet to the new database(in order to know who owns what) ,then, delete all the blockchain except the genesis and copy again all the data that was written from the new database with the exact same order into the blockchain. it is an issue that should be addresed that’s why i opened topic about that even though some ideas will not be feasible or problematic

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Hi arnii070, those are valid concerns, but the Bitcoin system will not accelerate the rate of blockchain growth even when it is widely adopted.

The blockchain growth per day is relatively constant and will remain constant unless they change the block size and time between blocks.

Every ~10 minutes, on average, a 1MB block is mined. This means that every 60 minutes approximately 6MB of data are committed into the blockchain, which is 144 MB per day.

So, to own a full Bitcoin node, you need to plan to accommodate that much data per day.

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