ADA quoted by Sharon Goldberg at MIT Blockchain Summit on the issue of scaling

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Scaling coin comparison : time/block

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Is there a link to the video? I would love to see what they had to say.


The only link I found so far on the Biz Of Blockchain conference:

Here is a summary of the videos:

  1. The world needs blockchains that blend idealism with pragmatism by Amber Baldet
  2. How to fix one of Bitcoin’s biggest problems by MIT Professor Silvio Micali
  3. Explainer: What is a blockchain?
  4. A glossary of blockchain jargon
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I tweeted back at Amy to see if I could grab a link to her presentation. Will keep you updated.


Since when does Ether only take 15 seconds ? That has not been my experience.


true…scaling is main problem in ethereum according to many resources…

15 second average block time

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That does not account for how long it can take for your transaction to be selected. During high traffic times, like the height of script kitty mayhem, It could take hours or days before your transaction was selected. It was also necessary to up the gas limit .That is why they are switching to POS, creating Capser and implementing sharding.

That’s because it’s not what she was showing in the slides.

That would be the same with Cardano for now

“That’s because it’s not what she was showing in the slides”
It looks like the slide says " but can blockchain scale ? " Ethereum can not currently scale. It gets jammed during high traffic.
Cardano, technically, is not a working product. It should be able to scale to demand once it is.

For me it looks like slide says “Time/Block (expected)” right at the top of the list.

No. Technically Cardano is a very much working product. Since it’s working and providing exactly the functionality it was planned to provide at this point. The fact that there’s still a roadmap does not make a product - non-working. It makes it a growing product that’s still under development. You’re stretching the definitions there a bit. Cardano will be able to scale once the development of the scaling-related stage will be done.

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No Cardano will not be the product it claims to be until it is decentralized and POS. Currently it is neither. It is currently a centralized coin entirely controlled by the team. Technically that is not a working product. Now you are just being nit picky and whiny. Essentially it isn’t even in beta. Once the POS pools begin it will be.

That is not correct.

Just because I’m trying to make a distinction between statements “not a working product” and “not a decentralised PoS-blockchain”? But those are not equal statements.

Cardano is a POS coin.Currently it is not POS. People are investing in a future product that does not yet exist. It also remains to be proven that it will work. Hence it is not a working product. Are you just trying to be douchy ? Anybody can make a coin in Cardano’s current state.