Ethereum is probably DEAD. Time for Cardano to shine!

It is no surprise that the recent market selloff was triggered by ICOs cashing out on ETH. This and perhaps the fact that Ethereum has not been able to produce any meaningful dAPPs that function without a glitch. Add to that the numerous hacks that happened on this blockchain and you get the picture: ETH is sick and will probably go down in history as the first good blockchain idea with terrible execution.

Now I have always found it odd that the whole space has to suffer because Bitcoin or Ethereum have problems. No sane/rational person would accept that in any other markets.

This brings me to my main point: Cardano needs to step up and show the entire community how it’s stack is better than anyone else’s. Now is a crucial inflection point for the space and I am convinced that no other open platform can do what Cardano can.

There has never been a better time to reclaim that throne. Cardano is simply too good of a stack to be number 8 at this point. How can anyone miss this???


I don’t think ETH is dead, but the 12 transactions per second doesn’t seem fast enough.

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This was posted by @regisg on telegram… The article outlines the ills of Ethereum. Thought I’d repost it here. It doesn’t mention Cardano, but I think that, as we hit our milestones, it will only be a matter of time.

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Well it would be great to do some marketing to at least counter the insane trolls and fake news that are happening around cardano.

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ETH is the leading SC platform. deal with it.

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Not by a long shot.

r u 4 real?

ethereum, stellar and eos are the only live SC platforms.


Ethereum as SC platform is not live, it’s moribund : when you do a successful product on it you are punished with higher fees. Have you read the blog post ? It’s not usable yet, it’s a nice proof of concept.


@regisg I totally agree, just had the same thought yesterday when pondering on what will happen in the near future

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Stellar have these common use-cases baked in, that’s why they are shouting about it. There is zero reason Ethereum can’t add primitives for tokenisation. The article assumes Ethereum won’t change, clearly it will; fyi Stellar is not Turing complete. Don’t underestimate how many people are working on that platform, expect sidechains, etc.

Q: are you telling me Ethereum isn’t the leader in the SC space?

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Sure, ETH community will keep patching it’s buggy code.

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I find it hilarious that when you ask why ETH will survive, they say it will change. But to have a chance at survival they need to start from scratch. In other words you can’t build any stuff on top of a shaky foundation. If they can’t transition to POS properly, what else can’t they do?

In this space, if you don’t evolve, you die. It seems they can’t evolve even if they wanted to.


Lets keep in mind one very important fact…Ethereum is serving and functioning as a very important purpose for Cardano, and that is we will learn from Ethereum’s mistakes, we are benefiting from their faults. we need ethereum as a guideline, so as to what not to do. Ethereum is first generation, first generation always gets replaced and so on, As long as Cardano is open minded, mentally and physically, being able to adapt is key to success and hence we have Sir.Charles Hoskinson, the ultimate chameleon! Patience is key, time is our friend, like the good ole saying says “Slow and Steady Wins the Race!”


most excellent summation for the purpose of ETH

Sir Charles is the man… someday the world will see

i’m HODLing for a moonshot someday. but even better… enjoying a better life thanks to Cardano et al

Things take time, they are researching, just like Cardano are. If you want to know where they started from and where they are up to, read this series of tweets:

I wouldn’t count them out yet buddy.

Presenting this on twitter in this format is so painful. Why not just write an article and share the link? :man_facepalming:

Thanks. It was an interesting read. I am not quite convinced they have any system or a formalized process in place.

Reading Vitalik’s explanation was painful. It seems they are just wandering blindfolded in a sea filled with sharks. If anything, their line of reasoning convinces serious players to stay away from this platform as these kids are just tinkering with a product in their garage but you might be in for losing millions if you build something on top of it.

I also see how they are using the term “correct by construction” in a way that dilutes its meaning. I am familiar with that term from K-Framework.

You are right, Cardano is also in the research phase. The huge difference here is that Cardano hires professional cryptologists and PhDs to do the work. These are highly trained people in their field using scientific methods to study a subject and prove its fundamental properties. As CH puts it, blockchain is an interdisciplinary field.

You need many inputs from different fields to construct a solid ecosystem. It cannot be built by two coders. Not by a long shot. They might be smart in their narrow field, but they need a lot more than coding to reliably reason and construct a correct system. I am not saying they can’t learn, but they just don’t have enough time to do it all. This is why hiring the right people is so crucial. It saves time and costly mistakes. This is why Ethereum is flawed.

To think that a ‘genius’ dropout could produce a better product is to insult the intelligence of the whole scientific community.



Great comment (Ethereum is 2nd Gen.).

Ditto…Vitalik is a dropout, though very smart, he lacks depth of knowledge…yet he attacks those with PHD’s & decades of experience in the field, while refusing to submit his papers for academic peer-review, as though he is a crypto god…he’s is a narcissistic that lacks common sense.


Look at who published that article - Stellar X - which is the marketplace for Stellar. I would argue that they lack objectivity considering they are a competing top 10 crypto. That is like reading a critical article on a medicine written by a rival pharmaceutical company.