Ethereum is probably DEAD. Time for Cardano to shine!

You can criticize Etherum all you want but, as of now, it is the best smart contract platform out there. Until Cardano or another one replaces it with an actively functioning system, it remains the best.

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Be as it may… But can you point out any statements about Ethereum that are made by the so called “biased” author that are actually false or misleading? I personally could not find any. If not, then perhaps it is your assessment that lacks some objectivity?

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I am more than happy to agree with you that ETH is the best working platform we have now. We know it will change in not so distant of a future though. Their team definitely deserves credit for doing what they have done, but I would continue to argue that their tech is overhyped and their fundamental approach/process to developing critical software is inferior to that of Cardano.

Ultimately this will dictate the triumph of Cardano in this space. And comparing the two systems, even at this early stage of development for Cardano, reveals some stark qualitative differences. One is open, process driven, inclusive of a wide range of inputs that are required to build a solid platform. The other is obscure, secretive, unorganized and plain disrespectful of the intellectual capital that made this whole space what it is long before their founders were born.

I think it is easy to see which one commands most respect on a fundamental level. The fact is that serious players see through BS and will never commit to building anything on ETH.

They want a serious open platform that plays on the same league as them.

ETH will have to mature fast (highly unlikely) or just become a third-rate platform where you store your crypto-kitties.

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I don’t know if it’s going to be as easy as that. Ever see the Empire Strikes Back? In all seriousness there is room for both. In the meantime I’ll continue to have hope that Cardano fulfills it’s promise.

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I agree Cardano has the potential to be a better product. Until it is operational though you can not compare it to a functioning product.


Agreed…its beginning to sound a bit fanboyish.

It is okay for multiple projects to succeed, this wont be a one pony show at the end of the day. I’m sure Etherium has plenty of genius people working on their challanges as well. I’d hate to see it die, it wouldn’t look good for the crypto space as a whole at this stage of the game. Just my opinion.

It is normal for protocols to die. This is hard coded in the nature itself. Evolution requires change. Those who can’t adapt will become irrelevant and die. It applies to Cardano too but it’s SL/CL architecture ensures that it won’t probably happen in our lifetime. Evolution is built into Cardano, which is why it is so impressive.

Early stage companies fail all the time but no one is writing off venture capital as the waste of money/resources.

So don’t despair. We learn a lot from those who fail.