ETH mimic ADA? Under Pressure?

[" Vitalik Buterin described how the network is beginning to reach 1 million transactions per day. In his view, scaling the network is “the single most important key technical challenge” that developers need to work on before blockchain applications can be widely used.
… Sharding is a process that requires only a few nodes on the blockchain to verify a transaction, instead of having every node do so. Currently, ether’s developers are finishing the specifications for their sharding protocol, and are looking for teams to build implementations and launch them on ethereum’s testnet "]
Coindesk artcle


ETH fork with the sharding is going to be first real big hardfork in the cryptocurrency history, the one that went from PoW to PoS. And if it reach its scalability objective, I see no other reason, but the marketing, bitcoin can stay on focus for much longer.
I hope they manage a just reward system for the staking.

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