ADA coin explenation


I wonder when you make whole project you will create new cryptocurrency or it will be cardano (ADA)? Im not sure do you use tokens only for development founding.

Please link me where to read or explain it to me. Thank you.


this is a brand-new video that won’t answer your question directly, and takes about an hour, but gives a very good insight into Cardano’s vision of interoperability with different currencies, block chains and features.


Thanks for link. I watched this presentation and i notice that side chains are actually like shards (eth). Is there any difference between two of those? And when will you have final implementation of that (do you plan to release it before ethereum). Main concern here is, you compare yourself with ETH in current state. Can you compete with ETH and can u describe me main differences between eth 2.0 and cardano. Thank in advance for answer.


No - sidechains are nod “shards like eth” .This sidechain tech will be applied for the “interconection” of cardano settlement layer (ada blockchain) and computational layer (future smart contract blockchain). But it could also be use to “conect” to other chains.