Is ADA a ETH token right now, or it this already on its own blockchain?


Apologize for the basic question.

If this is an ETH coin, then I suppose I can send this to my Exodus wallet’s ETH address, correct ? I just want to be sure.

If it is the original coin, then I will be using the official wallet provided by ADA. Thanks.


No need to apologize. But no ADA isnt an ERC20 token. It has its own blockchain. So called 3th generations blockchain.


So what if I have sent them to a MY Ether Wallet address, can they be recovered or not…?


My Ether Wallet is only accepted ERC20 token / Etherum smart contract. You should not do that, Cardano has it’s own cryptocurrency which is ADA, and also the wallet is beautiful called Daedalus. Check & download at


Hi Robert,

I’m sorry to say that I haven’t been the first to burn ADA, the exchange (Coinspot) have cancelled the transaction and the coins have been returned.

I can assure you that it won;t happen again…

Thanks for your help…