Are my ADA ERC20 tokens? [solved, they are not 🙂]

Are my ADA ERC20 tokens? I apologize for the stupid question, but I was under the impression that until Cardano launches it’s fully operational Main Net, that they were using ERC20? and my second question is this… if my ADA ARE ERC20 tokens, then do I need to do anything when the time comes for Cardano to switch to it’s own native tokens? (Meaning; I have my ADA in my Daedalus wallet right now. Is that all I need to do? Just leave them in the Daedalus wallet and Cardano will do the switch-over right there in my Daedalus Wallet? or do I need to send them to Binance or some other exchange for the transfer?)

Thank you in advance for helping me out with this confusion on my part.


Gonna let Ruslan to have fun with this one.

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No :slight_smile:

An ERC-20 token is something that operates on the Ethereum network. Cardano has it’s own blockchain and is an independent coin.

You can check this info on CMC:


If it says “COIN” - then it means that the project is running on its own chain, and if it says “TOKEN” - then it means that the project is running on the chain of another platform.

Also for all ERC-20 tokens - Eplorer link would lead to the , but for Cardano it leads to to its own explorer

You don’t need to do anything, because Cardano is already running on its own chain :slight_smile: :+1:


Hi, had a discussion recently. Someone tried to convince me that once Ada indeed was an erc20 token during the ico period?