Blocked Coins in PoS?

Hi Community a general future question after I delegate the ADA to a pool, will I be able anytime to undelegate them and to move to another Pool for example? Or do they stay blocked and cant be undelegated or no longer accessable? Lets say (eg. 1.05mio are ADA delegated) i would like to make a payment or cashout with ADA would I be able to undelegate eg. 50K ADA and hold 1mio still in pool? Thanks in advance for your feeebacks.

Hi Rusirus and welcome to the forum.

Ada is never locked when staking.

You can delegate to a stakepool and earn rewards. You can change pools when ever you want. It just takes a couple epochs to take effect. In the test net each epoch is 1 day, Mainnet is 5 days.

You can spend / send your ada to another wallet when ever you want and this is instant.

Hope this helps

Hi Lgbeano

Thanks a lot for your super fast reply & welcome! Yes and great, it definetely helps and answers my question. :slight_smile:

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