BlockProducer and Relay synced: dont see each other as peers

I reviewed CC,

status, BP and R1 synced, node is 1.35.5
followed ufw and fail2ban instructions.
pretty sure my topo files are good. :slight_smile:

for some reason BP and R1 are not showing on respective peer lists via gLiveView.

is this a port fwd issue, icmp? or other?

Screenshot from 2023-02-02 23-18-16

Screenshot from 2023-02-02 23-24-32

any help would be appreciated.

the nodes will be connected when it will be fully synced.
you can test the connection with telnet

from BP
telnet RELAY_IP CNODE_port (default 6000)
from Relay
telnet BP_IP CNODE_port

if the rules are fine and the nodes are allowed to connect to eachother you should see connected.


PS: it will take more days to sync… better to download the db snapshot, this way in less than 1 hour the nodes should be synced

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ok, thx for that.

i have downloaded from snap shot…not sure if its going to the right place. what does it unpack into in db?
should i just rm -r db and mkdir db and re snapshot?

stop the node, and be sure the db downloaded is inside cardano-my-wallet folder… the original is in that path righ? actually the db can be downloaded where you wish but don’t forget to update the path for db inside the startup script

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ok, then stop the node, delete the db and download it from here using this

curl -o -$(curl -s | jq -r .[].file_name ) | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C /home/r1/cardano-my-node/
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curl -o -$(curl -s | jq -r ..file_name ) | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C /home/r1/cardano-my-node

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don’t forget the / at the end, I sent you the right command

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excellent…that seems to work…downloading…will follow up in am. my eyes are bloodshot.

thanks for your help.

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OK, sync seems to be ok.
I need to review what to uncomment in ENV file. there are a lot of options and filepaths. not sure which ones to leave alone or uncomment.
do EKG and PROm typically reside on BP server? or are people setting these up on a different server? eg set ekg/prom to static IP of BP?


USESYSVARS=“N” # Whether to use environ>
CNODEBIN=“${HOME}/.local/bin/cardano-node” # Override automatic det>
CCLI=“${HOME}/.local/bin/cardano-cli” # Override automatic det>
CNCLI=“${HOME}/.local/bin/cncli” # Override automatic det>
CNODE_HOME=“/opt/cardano/cnode” # Override default CNODE>
CNODE_PORT=6000 # Set node port
CONFIG=“${NODE_HOME}/config.json” # Override automatic de>
SOCKET=“${NODE_HOME}/db/socket” # Override automatic de>
TOPOLOGY=“${NODE_HOME}/files/topology.json” # Override default topolo>
LOG_DIR=“${NODE_HOME}/logs” # Folder where your logs >
DB_DIR=“${NODE_HOME}/db” # Folder to store the car>
UPDATE_CHECK=“Y” # Check for updates to s>
TMP_DIR=“/tmp/cnode” # Folder to hold tempor>
USE_EKG=“Y” # Use EKG metrics from t>
#EKG_HOST= # Set node EKG host IP
#EKG_PORT=12789 # Override automatic de>
#PROM_HOST= # Set node Prometheus h>
#PROM_PORT=12798 # Override automatic de>
#EKG_TIMEOUT=3 # Maximum time in secon>
#CURL_TIMEOUT=10 # Maximum time in secon>
#BLOCKLOG_DIR=“${CNODE_HOME}/guild-db/blocklog” # Override default dire>
#BLOCKLOG_TZ=“UTC” # TimeZone to use when >
#SHELLEY_TRANS_EPOCH=208 # Override automatic de>
#TG_BOT_TOKEN=“” # Uncomment and set to >
#TG_CHAT_ID=“” # https://cardano-commu>
#TIMEOUT_LEDGER_STATE=300 # Timeout in seconds fo>
#IP_VERSION=4 # The IP version to use>
#KOIOS_API=“” # Koios API for blockc

for BP you must edit inside env only CNODE_PORT if it is different than the default one (6000) and pool name (to start as a BP);
for Relays you need to edit inside env only CNODE_PORT if it is different than the default one (6000)

Re: BP journal error

Feb 07 09:46:00 bpid cardano-node[2672146]: [bpid:cardano.node.IpSubscription:Info:256] [2023-02-07 16:46:00.91 UTC] IPs: [,] Restarting Subscription after 1.051728743s desired valency 2 current valency 0


“Producers”: [
“addr”: “101.11.x.x”,
“port”: 3001,
// {
// “addr”: “101.11.x.x”,
// “port”: 3002,
// “valency”:2
// }

not sure where it is seeing Val=0. does db ref valence from elswhere?


probably the BP can’t connect to relays?

and to confirm at this point ENV, ONLY uncomment the following 2:
poolname =" something"

also…is there a registry for pool names? how do we search for and secure a ticker, to ensure it is unique?


search for the ticker on, etc

The relays are up and running (100% synced)?

from BP try
telnet Relay IP port
telnet 3001

u should see connected

If inside the topology u commented the lines for 2nd relay than delete the , from here },

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possible. iam checking…
if internal…ping should work?

hard to trouble shoot with icmp disabled…lol
both BP and Relay can ping gateway. but Relay cant ping BP. hmmf

Ping can be filfered… try with telnet not ping… telnet will check if the port is opened and allow BP to connect

Hey Alex,

i cant telnet accross between 2 vlans.

d@bpid:~$ telnet a.b.c.d 3001
Trying a.b.c.d…
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out

all of my ufw rules are “allow”
i did a disable by default and allowed required ports

must be a firewall issue at L1?

check with ping, can be a connection issue

gLiveView still cant see any peers. hmmmmm

some sort of validation error.
i have google authenticator on both BP and Relay…is this known to cause issues?


12:35 PM

eb 13 12:35:01 bpid cardano-node[128719]: [bpid:cardano.node.IpSubscription:Info:263] [2023-02-13 19:35:01.55 UTC] IPs: [10.x.x.x:6000] Restarting Subscription after 1.001132864s desired valency 1 current valency 0