Relay not getting incoming connections

Hello guys , I am configuring a new Stake pool … but I see some problems with one of my relays .
I have one BP, and two relays … one relay is working fine , is connected to the BP and the BP also to the relay.
But the another one is also connected to the BP , but BP is not connected to it. Incoming : 0.

Both relays have same config , I discarded a FW problem because a Telnet from BP open without problems.

This is the log in relay-

Sep 04 13:45:59 vmixxxxxx cardano-node[1135367]: [vmi14571:cardano.node.ErrorPolicy:Warning:189] [2023-09-04 11:45:59.60 UTC] IP (BP-IP):35175 ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError (MuxIOException writev: resource vanished (Connection reset by peer)) “(sendAll errored)”))) 1s 20s

Nodes are still syncing .

Any idea about this issue ?

Many thanks!!!

Are your nodes all in the same LAN?

Check if ports are open via Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router

Also check your topology file again.

Nodes have public IPs , ports are open and Topology file from relay 1 and relay 2 is the same and relay 2 has no problems :frowning:

Thats why, wait to sync first

Hey Alex , okey …I will wait and let you know :slight_smile: . Thanks.

Thanks Alex . Big true!