[Blog] Building up a knowledge center

Hi guys!

For the past few days, I have been looking at setting up a blog/website that we could use, as a community, to be able to build some kind of a learning center.

Over the past months, lots of stuff have been done by IOHK, and it gets quite easy to get lost among all their publications or what is happening on the different repositories. Moreover, I was thinking that it would be a good opportunity to create a article series to explain what is going one on the different paper for examples. I found it quite a good exercise doing this for Plutus for example, as I have to lookup for a lot of things, and not just go over the subject (skipping potentially important pieces of information).

For those interested, here are the links:

I just started doing this a couple of days ago, but I’m planing to basically go over the tutorials available on the Plutus playground for now. Then, maybe some little projects to try to put this in practice. The main subject of the blog could be quite vast (going from Haskell tips/projects applied to cardano, as well as explaining how blockchain work and how we came to Cardano, …)

Let me know what you think of this. :slight_smile:



Well done. Keep up the great work. You might want to recruit some writers (add a nom de plum?) to vary content. Lose the template info at the footer

This looks great. Perhaps this could also link to aspects of the excellent Cardano Wiki: https://cardanowiki.info/wiki/Home

Anything to educate people is a very worthwhile project, especially with some of the complexity involved.


Thanks Jon! :slight_smile: And the wiki should link to this of course.


Thanks for your comments guys!

I have done some clean-up to make it a bit more attractive in term of how it looks (it is a first draft for now, so I expect it to change a lot).

I’ve also added a calendar to be able to register future events (event though there aren’t a lot of things plan given the time of year), as well as a link section on the right, where I’ve included links related to the 3 entities working on Cardano, as well as the wiki.

I’ll continue working on some articles I already started.

For recruiting some writers, do we have a special place for this as a community, or should I just spam on reddit/the random section of the forum? (It could be a cool idea to create a projects section on this community website, to be able to look for team and projects, finding working groups… I would definitely give it some though as well :slight_smile: )

Do you have other suggestions?

Yes, I’ll suggest it.