Book to promote Cardano infrastructure and development

Dear Cardano Team,

I think it would be great to have a book that can teach specialists to utilize Cardano’s potential to make our live better As of now when you search Etherium on Amazon you can get a bunch of books how to develop smart contracts. As for Cardano you just see souvenirs.

Any chance to see a book that can be kind of “C Programming Language” for Cardano?


I think Cardano is still too recent for this. Authors can’t write, for ex, a book on how to write smart contracts until this feature is fully deployed. But I can imagine there may be lots of potential authors waiting for writing books on Cardano. However, for developing smart contracts on Cardano, programmers would have to be proficienty in Haskell and for that they don’t need to wait for new books. Plutus is based on Haskell for those here who don’t know yet.

A book like “C Programming Language” for Cardano, to be realistic, will only appear after a few years from now, I think.

But imagine if Charles Hoskinson does something like Bjarne Stroustrup on C++? Would be so awesome! A bible written by the creator himself is priceless.