Boris from Cupertino ,CA


Hello there! I’m Boris from Cupertino California, I’ve been involved with crypto-currencies and DLTs for a few years, as a miner, trader, investor and (more than that) as a developer and researcher. One my main areas of interest is Information flow and intermediaries in Crypto-markets, including credit and borrowing, that’s what brought me to this Cardano forum.


Welcome @bpolania ! Looking forward to reading your opinions! Just curious to know what programming languages are you familiar with and your particular research area ?


Thanks @CosmosX, I’ve been developing for many years now so is a long list, but currently I have projects running in Java, Python, Swift/Objective-C and Solidity.

Regarding my research, one area is mobility focused (I’m the Lead Engineer in Honda R&D Lab in Blockchain and Payments) and the other is more on the economics side, mostly on Loans and short-selling (




That’s impressive. The brain power in this community never ceases to amaze me every day


Welcome aboard great to have your perspective!