Bridging Cardano tokens to BSC in a somewhat decentralized manner (no single point of failure)

The reasoning is explained here:

Basically increase Cardano projects funding through indirect means (the bridge/Pancakeswap)

I’ve heard (didn’t check, but it sounds right) that during the duration of the whole bull run, approximately 20-30 million dollars is stolen monthly via rugs on BSC. Imagine this liquidity instead supporting real builders building on the best blockchain platform around—Cardano.

I would like to discuss solutions. Recently I came across the Ergo Rosen bridge…

Would it be possible to bridge Cardano to Ergo and BSC to Ergo, then make a solution connecting those two bridges, but with a very clean UX? What other solutions are there that maybe I don’t know of?

The Milkomeda+Celer style two-hops is really not a good UX and it is somewhat centralized, although the whole point is to list on Pancakeswap, we still want good UX and decentralization (UX is everything).

I am aware Cardano-Ergo Rosen bridge is in testing phase, and I am also aware of the Finitum bridge, but I don’t see Finitum as a solution—with respect to what was discussed in the first article.

It must be open-source and possible for any team to deploy it for their own token. Creating a single point of failure is just setting ourselves up for a catastrophe. I do applaud PHRCK stake pool and their dev team for recognizing the market need and creating a solution for those that are not capable of deploying the open-source bridge I speak of.

There is room for both solutions. We should work together on the open-source solution. Regardless, Fat Cats will do it, whether there is community support, or not. Hopefully with Catalyst funds…

If you are interested in this topic, please drop a message, I would like to organize a twitter space on this, with for example—Cardano over Coffee.