Roadmap Open Market Scaling

Hello again, with the latest version of Cardano foundation roadmapping I’d like to throw down some real basic things we haven’t seen done with block yet that can be especially incentivized by ADA.
1- Fiat to ADA exchange
-Cardano specific exchange- (Daedalus seperate?)
Easily done by a managed team of students. How does one take a step into a decentralized system without an entrance anyway? Adoption is mandatory for future. “ATM’s” or such proposed methods are not sufficient for transferring cash to ADA in all aspects.
2- Open Market Scale

  • Now that devopers such as CashApp already created “simple/civilian” access to crypto investment, how is it spent to be spent?
    Creating this Cardano specific exchange will start real access to our open source ecosystem, as well as incentivize these independent developers to design the exchange to adapt and interact with modern financial services.

Basically I’m here to theorize serious implementation of this monetary system in advance of cryptocurrencies “market abilities”, to consolidate Cardano’s dominance here.

THEORY: Having implemented a catchy simplistic IOS exchange, Cardano then becomes #1 crypto in US region on transactability alone based upon proof of stake ““interest”” conditions and projections. Where’s it at. IOS programmers my email is
trentonscoleman gmail. I would love to get a map started on Trello, Discord is a starting point as well.