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Hello all, new around here but I share the same pursuit, expansion. Does Cardano itself have a Fiat exchange platform? Is that access not the first step Cardano, and in the direction of decentralization? I see staking pools being the source of this sort of tool development, but time short as large cap coin players want this sooner than we do. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome to the Forum Trenton,
Regarding fiat exchange, Cardano currently doesn’t have it’s own platform.
Cardano can be purchased on quite number of exchanges now as quite a few of them have fiat/crypto onboarding, (although generally you have to buy BTC or ETH first, then swap for ADA)

Here’s a list of swap pairs

Good point regarding expansion and fiat, i think from memory that has been proposed previously (cash machine ATM style machines) and would be good idea to get that on the development agenda, might be worth checking out :-

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