Any plans for a Cardano exchange?

Does Cardano have any plans for developing a cryptocurrency exchange? Since crypto dot com has tokens (CRO and MCO), an exchange, and secure wallet, I am wondering if Cardano will do the same. Thank you.


Great question @Emanatepresence ,

i recon once the Voltaire release takes place (smart contracts) this is one of the first things we’ll see.

personally i’ve given a bunch of thought to this actually, i think and hope that we’ll see them developed as decentralised exchanges (dEx) with atomic swaps (to drastically lower manipulation that centralised exchange order books present). they could even happen off chain which would make them achieve finality almost instantaneously!

then cherry on the top would be Ada being the reserve and base currency for liquidity and coin/token pairings respectively!


It is may 2021 and still no atomic swap.This is urgent.

Inevitable. Cardano is already handling thousands of tokens. Daedalus is just becoming a multi asset wallet. Instant Cardano swaps have already been demonstrated as functional using Plutus. It is obvious there will be a CLI and GUI at some point. When GUI? First fundamentals must get evaluated like nips and token locking and such and thoroughly pentested. You can already start thinking about it and start testing and coding though. Plutus testnet should be the right hint.